NFL Draft Day


Today is the start of the 2015 NFL draft. A few years ago, this would be a ho hum who cares event except to crazy football fans but now it is a major event on the NFL calendar. How did this happen?

As the NFL has grown into the most popular North American sport (by a huuuuugggeee margin), the league is continually looking for new ways to expand and broaden the appeal of the game. They have managed to take a season that comprises 16 games and 3 or 4 playoff games into a 24 hour, 7 days a week 365 days a year news cycle.

The league has its own network which broadcasts old games, top ten lists, original football based programming and there are hundreds of bloggers as well as reporters covering the teams. Throw in the scandal sheet reporting and there seems to be something about football or the NFL every day of the year.

There are certain events strategically placed during the offseason (no such thing) to keep up interest in the game and one of the biggest is the draft. It is absolutely crazy how much attention, time and interest there is in watching teams line up and pick the new players for their teams. It’s nuts!

And as I write this, my favourite team (2014 Super Champion NE Patriots) have just selected Malcom Brown, Defensive Tackle from Texas. (6 foot 2, weighs 319 pounds)

Fun NE Pats fact, every single year they have picked a DT in the first round, they have won the Super Bowl the following year. They just won though, and it is incredibly hard to repeat as champion nowadays. The last team to actually repeat was…oh yeah the NE Patriots!!!

Go Pats!