Peeling Paint the Eco Friendly Way


I am trying to get the many, many layers of paint off the front of the 60 year old windows at the front of our house. A long time ago in the mid 80s I rescued a many played paint encrusted table by using something called Poly Strippa. It was a horrible smelling, highly corrosive and poisonous liquid, but it worked! That paint sizzled right off.

I could not find Poly Strippa at the store, so I opted for the latest Eco friendly version. It does not smell or harm the environment in any way and it is a mild irritant but of course barely works at all. Maybe a small step up from soapy water.

After two super strong overnight coats, and multiple one to two hour coats and seemingly endless scraping, I still have about half the paint of the windows. Argh! Where is my Poly Strippa!

I even used a power washer on full blast to no avail. I started with the wimpiest setting and ended up on full blast. What kind of paint did they use in the 50s? Tough (and greenish blue) paint, that kind.

Next step, a lot of sanding and hope that the surface is good enough to paint over once again, this time a nice white.