I Assembled for the Avengers Today


i had the opportunity to see a special screening of the Avengers today (thanks Megan!) and it was fun. Also, free popcorn and drinks as part of the screening. Nice!

Should you go see it? Well, did you like the first Avengers movie? Do you like at least a few of the other recent Marvel movies? Then yes, go see it immediately!

If you are not a fan of non stop action and heavy use of CGI, then you may want to pass on this one.

For me, the main attraction is still Iron Man, but his part was smaller in this movie. They spend a fair amount of time of stories with Hawkeye, Romanov and Banner instead but all the characters get in a few good one liners.

A few moments I liked involved Capt. America including a surprised/concerned look from Thor when Steve manages to nudge his Hammer ever so slightly and  when Tony says “language!”. Heh, you had yo be there…

The new additions to the team are interesting as well so it is a good set up for the next inevitable Avengers movie. Marvel/Disney are doing a great job with this comic book universe and pumping out well integrated story lines weaved through many different franchises.

If you are a comic book fan or a fan of big splashy movies, go see Avengers Age of Ultron!