Lazy Hazy Garage Sale


We had a garage sale today and made a little money but most importantly got rid of some old stuff. Traffic was very slow but there were a few customers. As I was packing up the last bit if stuff to donate to charity, a young couple walked by and I offered a few items for free.

At first, they said no thanks but I held up a nice baby toy as I noticed their stroller and very young child. Intrigued, they took a look and thought it was nice. They also liked a few books and it turns out it was the little girls first birthday. I said happy birthday and we were all happy. They had some nice gifts and I had less to haul away to the local church.

We didn’t make a lot if money but it was fun for our little girl to make the signs and have an old fashioned garage sale. I enjoyed talking to our neighbours as they walked by and it is still is a nice way to spend a lazy hazy Sunday.