Après le Déluge


We sat on a bench today and I noticed the dark sky and approaching storm. My wife and daughter had just gone to the bathroom and I realized I had their raincoats in my backpack. I also had my wife’s purse with her phone. 

I thought it would be a good idea to meet them before the rain started but no such luck. I walked the hundred meters or so to the bathroom and I heard the sky crack and torrents of water fell from the sky. I ducked under an awning, threw on my jacket, covered the purse and got out their jackets. I ran the last few steps to the bathroom and yelled their names but I did not hear an answer. I searched and waited, then eventually made my way back towards the original bench.

It turns out that as they sky opened up, they ran back to the bench. We must have just missed or walked within a few feet of each other. Oh well, it was a hot day and the rain did not last long. When it rains that hard, it usually doesn’t last long.