D&D On Thursday Nights


Another successful night of adventuring tonight for my group. They finished the  first quarter section of Rise of Tiamat and I think everyone is having a good time so far. Lots of laughs, no arguments and lots of XP and treasure. (But not too much treasure)

I had three players tell me that it was a good session and most of them keep coming back week after week so it must be fun. 

After the game I was chatting with another DM about some horror stories of other games with problem players and disgruntled players with Eff bombs thrown and loud arguments among players. The other DM let me know that not all games are like our Thursday games, so that’s good to know. 

As long as it is challenging and fun, the Thursday games will continue! I am starting to get a handle on balancing encounters at high levels for large parties in DnD 5th edition. I occasionally get dangerously close to TPKs, but then those fights tend to be the most exciting and memorable.