Cooking Corn on the Cob


So as I am shucking the corn today (not a euphemism), I realize I am not sure if I boil the water first or if I should boil the water with the corn in the pot.

Google and Epicurious to the rescue! Yes, there is an actual recipe for cooking corn on the cob. It has a 3.54/4 rating and the comments say it is delicious! For future reference (Dads), you boil the water, then drop the corn husks (already shucked) into the boiling water which will stop the boiling. Cover the pot and keep heating until the water starts boiling again, then take em out and eat with lots of butter and a little salt.

Thanks Epicurious, it is delicious!

This episode reminds me of an earlier incident with boiling water and food – when eggs explode!