Programming is Hard


I am still plugging away with my programming and it is slow but steady. The tools are much nicer now and with Google and Stack Overflow the answers are only a few clicks away. I am enjoying it and much to my surprise I remember quite a bit and I have learned a lot. So far it is just sample apps and fun exercises but most importantly everything works! I am also doing it the “right” way so I have full source control, bug tracking, development, testing and production environments and a working site in the wild.

Very exciting.

I am also using a distributed version control system and I am developing on separate branchs before merging back into the master branch. Kind of overkill for a single dev but could be useful when working on a team.

I also signed up for some local tech meetups in the next few weeks. I hear there is a vibrant Montreal tech scene  so I will try and meet some new people to trade ideas and who knows maybe a job down the line.

But as much fun as it is and even with all the new tools, programming is hard.