When It Pours


Today I walked to the bus stop to pick up my little girl and I was wearing a rain jacket because the sky was dark and there was a slight drizzle. Within one minute the drizzle turned to a steady rain and within another minute it turned into a downpour.

I found shelter under a large tree but a minute or two after that the tree was soaked and the rain started to fall heavily under the branches as well.

When the bus pulled up a minute later, the rain was coming down in buckets and small rivers were forming along the sides of the streets.

We hurried home under the pelting rain and now there were large rivers flowing down the street. When we got home we had to take off our clothes and change into dry clothes.

The rain stopped about 20 minutes later but if it had kept on raining like that I could see a flood happening. Maybe not as bad as Texas, but there would have been too much water for the drainage systems. That was a lot of rain!