WWDC 2015 Happened Today


Apple’s big developer conference started today and they made some big announcements in addition to the general software updates of the Mac, iPhone, Watch and iPad. They spoke about Swift and its improvements and the bombshell was that they will open source the language to all. This is a great gift to the world as Swift is a huge step forward in programming and it is just going to get better. 

They also announced Apple Music and for me the most interesting thing announced is the 24/7 radio station with a real live DJ. The best part is that these DJs can play anything they want, not just what the record execs want you to hear. This may be really exciting and I am looking forward to hearing it.

You need people to do that, and that is what Apple Music is. Radio the way it briefly once was. A way for people who love music to share that love with the world. 

As usual Xcode will be updated and it seems like the Apple ecosystem is in great shape. Kudos to them for bringing all these software updates every year, year after year. That is one giant flywheel they have set in motion and the momentum is building fast.