Great Ruby on Rails/Web Stuff Resource


I stumbled across a great site today – thanks Youtubes! The site is called Skillcrush and it is a great site for info and classes on web design and Ruby on Rails. Just when I needed it!

The site has a feminine look and touch to it and this is great. There are men who take the classes as well but it is geared towards women which is cool with me. Back when I programmed I found most of the better (and great) programmers were women. I think it has something to do with their collaborative nature which I like and find very useful to learning.

In any case, their materials and articles look great and the site is built to help people get into (or back into) tech as a career so that fits in well with me right now too.

I signed up for their free 10 day boot camp and I’ll see how it goes…šŸ˜Ž