Very Funny I Must Say


I picked up Martin Short’s biography entitled “I Must Say” today at my library and I must say it is very funny. I had pursued it briefly at our local CostCo and found myself laughing out loud and causing a minor disturbance so I put it back and exited the store immediately. How Canadian.

As I am reading it tonight on the couch I find myself once again laughing out loud but in private this time. The old stories take me back to when I was kid and watching SCTV, Three Amigos and all the rest.

One story that stuck with me was an audition he went on in 1972 for a musical called “Godspell” in Toronto. Among the other people auditioning and future cast members were Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy and Paul Schaffer.

Mr. Short had given himself a year to make it in show biz and still had some time left at the time of the audition but Paul Shaffer was in the last few weeks of his time attempting to make it in show biz. He had promised his Dad to start law school soon if show biz did not work out. Good thing for him and all of us that he did score the gig as the piano guy for Godspell as he of course went on to lead the band for David Letterman for 33 years.

Just one of the many cool show biz anecdotes from “I Must Say” which I don’t know if I said this already is very funny. I did say that? I don’t think so…I’m not being defensive – you’re being defensive!”