Classic Lemonade Stand


My little girl and her friend set up and ran a classic lemonade stand today. I helped a little with the set up and lots of encouragement but they did everything by themselves.

They made their own sign, added a few touches like an open/closed sign, tip jar and glass cozys and a logo! They were ready to go…

The lemonade was homemade and delicious. They drank a little bit themselves but after a few hours they made enough money after expenses to each claim a profit of six dollars-woo hoo!

That money will come in handy at the canteen at the pool this summer.

Later in the day we practiced our dives with some dry land training. I can’t wait to try them out at the next pool diving session. My favourites were the “nope, I’ve changed my mind”, “smelling the flowers” and “walking the dog who sees a squirrel”.

Good times.