Apple Music



I was blown away today by Apple music. I’m not sure I will continue the paid portion after the free trial, but the service is impressive. Luckily, my favorite part of the new service is free, but the paid service is phenomenal for anyone who does not have a large collection of music already.

I already have my collection and tastes set and I don’t mind adding a few new songs here and there but I wish I had this service when I was young.

For 10 bucks a month (15 for a whole family), you have access to almost every song in the world. Plus, you can save your favorites so you aren’t streaming all the time.

Th curation and playlists are fantastic and many of them matched what I like exactly. I like all the little touches sprinkled throughout and I absolutely loved playing with it today and listening to music.

The best part for me is the new 24 hour radio station called Beats one. So far I loooooooove it. It is fun, fresh and reminds me of the old days of radio. 


Also, the idea that this a shared experience shared with tens of millions of people around the world is also intriguing and fascinating to me.

Great, great start for Apple music and I suggest everyone take it for a free three month test drive!