Getting Used to Progressive Lenses


I got new glasses recently and I have now moved into the world of progressive lenses. In the old days they called these things trifocals but that just sounds so old.

Until today I had not had any problems adjusting to my new glasses. I did find it strange that many things seem just a bit blurry until I move my head just a fraction and then boom I see perfectly. Overall, the move to progressive lenses has been smooth.

Today I tried using Digressive lenses (or computer glasses) for the first time. These are fancy bifocals that are optimized for reading and computer viewing. At first they seemed fine as they magnify everything in my immediate viewing bubble and everything is really sharp.

They I watched a video with a lot of motion and yikes I felt my stomach turn a little. I guess it will take awhile to adjust to these after all. Or maybe I need yet another pair of “Netflix glasses”. šŸ™‚

It is nice to see clearly again and I am surprised I could read or see as well as I did with my old glasses. My new glasses are so much clearer and I think I got some nice frames from CostCo that were not expensive.