I Try to be Environmentally Friendly, and Nature Craps on Me


Today I decided to be environmentally friendly and hang up some laundry on the line and what do you know, a bird craps on my pants. The environment is (sometimes) hostile to me!

Oh well, the other clothes were fine and a little less electricity was used up today so the environment will survive another 0.00000000000001 seconds longer. It all adds up.


The Struggle Is Real


I’m relearning a lot of new skills recently and this video sums up the overall experience so far, but it’s been fun.



Do You Have a Passion for Video?


If you like to shoot and edit video about one of your passions, you should get a Youtube account and show off your videos to the world.

In addition to a nice hobby you could make a little extra money on the side with Youtube ads. A video by PewDiePie surfaced where he discusses money and how he makes a little but he does so by sharing his passion and having fun. Nothing wrong with that, good for him. He gets to play video games and talk about them on video for a little extra money on the side.

There is a lot of speculation about how much the top Youtubers make and I used to think it was in the neighbourhood of 100,000s for the top elite Youtubers. I may have underestimated as PewDiePie is rumoured to have made over 7 million dollars last year alone. I have no idea if this is true but even if it is a tenth of that it is a lot more than I ever thought possible.

So get out your video cameras and start shooting video people! 🙂

Felt a Bit Off Today


I walked a little today, read a little and really let my mind wander and think. The problem was I forgot yo hydrate properly. It was hot today.

Something was off so I ate some vegetables, tried to eat some protein and good food but something was off. Then I remembered, water!

I drained three cold glasses and felt better almost instantly. 

Hydrate, people, hydrate! 😉

It’s Nice to Walk but a Car is Nice Too


Today I went and got some groceries on foot instead of with the car. It was a nice day for a walk but I forgot how heavy groceries can be when you have to carry them a long(ish) way.

I used to do this all the time with many bags but today I had to rest a few times on the way home.

Still, it was a nice day for a walk.

Beautiful Day for a Wedding


We went to a great wedding today of a former work colleague who became a great friend. The weather was fantastic and perfect for an outdoor wedding.

The wedding was at a picturesque spot in Rigaud Quebec at a place called Aux Vieux Moulins. The grounds were beautiful and worth a stroll around to see the waterfall, pony and swing by the river.

We enjoyed lemonade splashed with some maple water on the terrace, got our pictures taken and later sat down to a delicious meal.

Thanks Maria and Patrick for inviting us to share your special day!

Getting Used to Progressive Lenses


I got new glasses recently and I have now moved into the world of progressive lenses. In the old days they called these things trifocals but that just sounds so old.

Until today I had not had any problems adjusting to my new glasses. I did find it strange that many things seem just a bit blurry until I move my head just a fraction and then boom I see perfectly. Overall, the move to progressive lenses has been smooth.

Today I tried using Digressive lenses (or computer glasses) for the first time. These are fancy bifocals that are optimized for reading and computer viewing. At first they seemed fine as they magnify everything in my immediate viewing bubble and everything is really sharp.

They I watched a video with a lot of motion and yikes I felt my stomach turn a little. I guess it will take awhile to adjust to these after all. Or maybe I need yet another pair of “Netflix glasses”. 🙂

It is nice to see clearly again and I am surprised I could read or see as well as I did with my old glasses. My new glasses are so much clearer and I think I got some nice frames from CostCo that were not expensive.