Value of Play


My little girl can focus for hours on play. If she has the time, she will spend hours setting up and enjoying her play time. Sometimes I can focus like that but not that often anymore.

I am learning web development again and when I get a few hours I enjoy it and using Ruby does seem like play. It is a fun language that does not get in my way or annoy me.

Tomorrow we are continuing playtime with swimming lessons for the dolls and pet school. Can’t wait.


Funeral for Myrtle


My step great aunt’s (or something) cousin 3 times removed?-it’s complicated…funeral was today and it was a nice (short) service with great food (delicious).

The thoughts and speeches from the family were well done and to the point and as far as funerals go, it was a pleasant experience overall. It felt like a celebration of someone’s life and was not depressing or sad.

My little girl was great and did not complain or ask when were we leaving once. I was very impressed. She even dressed herself fancy with a nice dress, pearl necklace, fancy shoes and a fancy pink sweater. It turns out Mrytle’s favorite color was pink and her daughter Jane was wearing pink just like my little girl.

It is never fun to go to a funeral, but today’s funeral was not so bad.

Severe Flash Flooding Warnings


I was listening to the radio today in the car and the music stopped for a broadcast on the emergency channel. That was weird and slightly scary. Lucky for me I was listening to a station far away and this did not apply to me. 

We had a lot if rain but not so severe as to cause flash floods. When the song came back on and finished the DJs came on and said how scary the emergency broadcast  was to them. Their phones just started blaring the message and they said that although you are not supposed to panic, they did suggest everyone panic. Of course they were joking as they were the “wacky” type of DJs.

There is something ominous about the 1950s style voice and announcement on the emergency broadcast channel.

Apple Music



I was blown away today by Apple music. I’m not sure I will continue the paid portion after the free trial, but the service is impressive. Luckily, my favorite part of the new service is free, but the paid service is phenomenal for anyone who does not have a large collection of music already.

I already have my collection and tastes set and I don’t mind adding a few new songs here and there but I wish I had this service when I was young.

For 10 bucks a month (15 for a whole family), you have access to almost every song in the world. Plus, you can save your favorites so you aren’t streaming all the time.

Th curation and playlists are fantastic and many of them matched what I like exactly. I like all the little touches sprinkled throughout and I absolutely loved playing with it today and listening to music.

The best part for me is the new 24 hour radio station called Beats one. So far I loooooooove it. It is fun, fresh and reminds me of the old days of radio. 


Also, the idea that this a shared experience shared with tens of millions of people around the world is also intriguing and fascinating to me.

Great, great start for Apple music and I suggest everyone take it for a free three month test drive!

HackerNest Montreal


I volunteered last night at HackerNest Montreal and I got a free t-shirt! I also met some great people and had a nice time. 

These meet ups (sign up at are to connect the local tech community in a friendly manner. There is no selling, recruiting or hard sales of any kind. It really is just an event to meet new people in the tech community. 

Also, they offer free beer so there is that.

If you are in the tech community or just interested in tech, show up and grab a beer and talk to some nice people. The next meet up is July 27th, see you there!

Petit École du Jazz


Once again, we saw the petit École du jazz show at place Desjardins as part of the annual Montreal jazz festival. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of rain to start the festival this year but this show is indoors.

As always, it was well done and a lot if fun fir the kids. Almost as impressive is the fountain right beside the stage which has dancing waters and shoots a jet of water 50 feet into the air! 


Lachine Canal and the Batobus


We had some friends in town today and we visited the Lachine canal. It is a nice walk or bike but the really nice walk is across the water. 

We took the Batobus boat to cross and found another quieter walkway and park area. I had never seen this part of the canal before and it is worth seeing. The park area is large and the walkway is decorated with nice sculptures along the way in addition the natural beauty of the water.

If you find yourself in Lachine, take a walk along the canal and take the Batobus for the “other” canal.